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"1C" computer based engineering and complete integrated automation with actual business needs in mind
"Computer based engineering and complete integrated automation introduction into our daily workflow has made us a top 5 largest developer in Russia"
(Granelle construction and development group)
- Main objectives study and prioritization
- Business survey
- "1C" computer based engineering and complete integrated automation customization
- Set up, support, and maintenance

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In business since 2009
Running a business with not integrated automation is like using a saw with chipped or broken teeth. If you correct the damage, the saw starts working effectively and it becomes a viable tool again. We can help. One way of helping is integrating your web site with "1C" network.

We never impose any of-the-shelf solutions and that separates "Miracle Communication" from the rest. We offer fully customized solutions genuinely designed to serve the needs of each specific client. That dramatically increases the effectiveness of your workflow and your investment into a fully customized "1C" computer based engineering and complete integrated automation system quickly pays for itself many times over. Our goal is to increase your profits through a significant increase in your workflow performance. We have no other goal in mind.

Construction (property development and building assembly)
1. Real estate infrastructure and inventory audit customization (both sold and available) in square footage, units, and fiscal value, in order to facilitate fraud prevention.
2. Complete computerization of agent to customer interaction; future contact planning, real time on-screen reminders (TelCo integration), in order to increase efficiency of a current sales strategy and reduce time in escrow.
3. Automated on-site construction overseer scheduling, in order to clarify the issue to your workforce, to prevent any confusion as to where and when their presence is requested.
4. Automated property viewing scheduling, in order to improve efficiency of your call-center.
5. Automated SMS reminders of viewings scheduled (no time burden compared to 5 minute lag when done manually)
6. Automated real estate ownership transfer contracts (30 minute time burden for a 15 page contract compared to an 8 hour time burden when done manually)
7. Automated developer's website unit listing unit listing derived from unified database (no time burden compared to an ongoing routine for a content manager when done manually)
8. "1C" API (Application Programming Interface) integration with websites of any structure.
9. Incoming funds estimation to expedite and simplify expenditure planning.
10. Real-time current property inventory audit statements: booked/paid/transferred.
11. Various analysis in graphs and tables, for better visualized understanding of current efficiency for each stage of a purchase funnel.

That way you leave your tedious routine behind, save time, carry out value engineering, correct possible mistakes in agent to customer interaction, and keep the whole situation under control with ease and finesse.

1. Production schedule estimate, in order to determine new order date of completion.
2. Material supply management to ensure delay free production.
3. Human Resources management to provide for timely production schedule completion.
4. Equipment inventory monitoring with automated support and maintenance scheduling, in order to minimize any production down time.
5. Separate bookkeeping for State Defense Contract and civil contracts.
6. Merchandise labeling.
1. Profit related customer segmentation.
2. Profit and turnover related merchandise segmentation.
3. Website integration
4. Portable Data Terminal intefration.
5. Various out-of-the-box processing solutions for CCD registration number related document chains.

Therefore, "1C" computer based engineering and complete integrated automation facilitates advantageous effort concentration, increase in workflow efficiency, and circumvention of unwanted government inspectoral agencies attention.
1. Exchequer automation that saves time and promotes better coordination within a workforce.
2. Budgeting.
3. IFRS bookkeeping.

Company administration is afforded a quick and unrestricted access to data that is conveniently interfaced for analytic purposes. Which is a viable tool for assisting the administration with reaching beneficial strategic conclusions.
"1C" computer based engineering and complete integrated automation features
Preliminary work
Development, set-up, and maintenance
Preliminary work
Company goal and automation application analysis
Your overall preparedness for switching to an integrated automation system evaluated thoroughly by a business analysis specialist, in order to comprehend the ultimate goal involved.
Business evaluation
We analyze your overall preparedness for switching to an integrated automation system to understand every risk involved and foresee every possible development scenario. The head of our bookkeeping department is heavily involved with this project stage. That person is intimately familiar with every "1C" computer based engineering and complete integrated automation feature and he/she speaks the same language with your bookkeepers. We offer maximum solution optimization specifically customized to your company's demands and needs. We shall always inform you is there is a simpler solution available.
Next project stage falls under The Architect's supervision. Our architect has been previously employed with Russian Federation Ministry of Defense. He is responsible for program structure: its internal block juxtaposition, their interaction, and their functionality. Furthermore, his job is to analyze your current inventory in order to determine - what to replace altogether, what to modify. It is up to him to find a unique solution to facilitate new functions natural integration into existing software to ease an upcoming update, which soothes over any discomforts current users may develop. We could design a fully functioning model of future system that demonstrates its principal functionality, if needed.
We coordinate directorial and technical activities to pursue current business tasks resolution as our ultimate priority.
Technical requirement document
We create a viable technical requirement document that clearly indicates work outline, work cost, and date of completion.
That approach was designed to take into consideration a specific client's workflow; in order to maximize precision in adjustment of "1C" computer based engineering and complete integrated automation to meet that company's goals and requirements.

Development, set-up, and maintenance
We concentrate our recourses on the project at hand. Our contract carries a missed deadline clause.
Development and Alpha-testing environment for initial functional quality control
We use the most recent "1C" innovations. Project manager reports every progress benchmark to the client. Software development team members receive client's feedback and implement the corrections request into an ongoing functionality development.
Train personnel
We run personnel training programs to accustom our client's workforce with the new system in place.
Software launch and Beta testing support
We are responsible for local workforce support and a complete set of Beta-testing services. We are on call 24/7.
Commercial software operation launch.
Support and maintenance mode.
Specific features of customer support and product maintenance agreement vary from client to client depending on individual requirements and overall client's IT-department personnel skills and competence. We provide a sound technical guide (engineering solutions, algorithms, and other accompanying data) to accommodate expedited training for client's technical personnel.
The client may contact us as needed or to retain our services as a second line tech support, when currently employed IT-specialists happen to be unable to provide a solution.

Therefore, every solution is implemented in an expedited manner and client's workforce stays open and amicable to the introduction of a new automation system

One more small yet important detail:

When you address us with a request – it is being process by a software analysis specialist as opposed to an assistant or a secretary (which is a case with our competition). Therefore, you are spared a tedium of having to explain yourself 3 times on end. First – to a secretary or an assistant, then – to a manager or a supervisor, and finally – to a software specialist. Moreover, we start working on a solution you requested in one to five hours, as opposed to three to five days.

A while back, these companies sought out a reliable contractor to install "1C" computer based engineering and complete integrated automation system. Now they are enjoying a massive return on their investment, profit increase, and they surpass their competition with ease and confidence.

Who we are
It has been operating since 2009
OOO "Miracle Communication" in business since 2009
Completed about 60 projects
We have successfully completed around 60 "1C" computer based engineering and complete integrated automation projects
760 jobs
Introduced automation at more than 760 workstations.
More than 20 companies work with us
We now work with more than 20 companies in Russia and beyond, that upgrade their goals and advance our tasks.
We have experience working with AI (Artificial Intelligence)
We have successfully completed extensive and important projects from the scratch:
SCDBM Small Construction and Development Business Management
TOSHISSIQQUVVATI – utility company client account automation (450 000 accounts)
"Construction Company Bookkeeping" configuration institution.
Brewery and mineral water production automation.

Moscow optic fiber network formation program – project design, optic cable network data transfer (around 1000 kilometers, more than 1 million fibers) automation.
Every project has been completed in timely manner and with thorough tech assignment compliance.

We were the first to compete with big franchises in terms of quality of services.
We came out victorious. We are unique in small size and mobility – so we can combine expedience with high quality of service.

What makes "Miracle Communication" trustworthy?
I shall quote our clients to answer that question.
We accept any convenient payment method
A price for "1C" computer based engineering and complete integrated automation hinges on overall intensity and complexity of work-related efforts involved.
When dealing with a one-off job (with time burden of one hour to three days of work) - we tend to complete the assignment and then – send a bill.
When dealing with a massive and complicated project (with time burden of a week to six month of work) – we tend to separate entire workload into logical segments with clear estimate for each one.
Then we produce a payment schedule with prepayment for the next stage upon completion of previous stage.
In addition, we send a bill once a month as the project continues.
Payment method usually is a direct bank transfer.
You will enjoy working with us.
We always tend to deliver more than a client expects.
You will receive suggestions on ways to improve workflow efficiency coming from a highly competent specialist with deep and definitive knowledge in production, trade, and construction.
That promotes order and ensures transparency in company workflow, coming from clear separation of responsibility sectors. Which is done to prevent chaotic element in integration profit and to facilitate cost optimization and adequate business administration.
Triple guarantee
Development configuration assignment from ground up or any blocks adjoined – are warranted for 6 months.
We guarantee completion time and staying within the estimated budget in writing. We include penalties for missed deadlines in our agreement clause. We clearly state amount of work to be done and the price we expect for it.
We guarantee a complete non-disclosure in writing in the appropriate contract clause as well as in a separate NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
Where to begin?
Start with a free review conference or consultation. You will find out just how well your company is prepared for "1C" computer based engineering and complete integrated automation. Which tools may be useful and favorable to your goals? How efficient and helpful they may appear.
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